Bridgerland Adventure Park in Bear Lake

Bridgerland Adventure Park, Bear Lake, Utah

Bridgerland Adventure Park, the newest venue at Bear Lake, is now open. It’s a fabulous, affordable addition to all the fun Garden City has to offer. We visited recently and wanted to share with you all the things that are available at this park, which overlooks the beautiful Bear Lake scene.


Tubing at Bridgerland Adventure Park in Bear Lake, Utah
Downhill tubing is a fun, affordable option at Bridgerland Adventure Park in Bear Lake.

When visiting Bear Lake, most of us focus on events at the lake. But just up the hill, there’s a whole lot of fun your family can enjoy. We visited recently because my brother-in-law knew about this new park. His family has a vacation home in the area. We might have noticed it on our own while driving down on Hwy 89 into Garden City, but we also might have missed it. The view of the lake is always so majestic as we drive into the area that we hardly notice much more. So we were glad he knew about Bridgerland Adventure Park and suggested we all visit.

All the things you can do at this park include:

  • Tubing
  • Disk Golf
  • Climbing Wall
  • Giant Swing
  • Ropes Course
  • Playground
  • Zip Line (coming in 2020)

Tubing at Bridgerland Adventure Park

As you pull up or drive by, one of the primary structures you’ll see is their tubing run and rock climbing wall/ropes course. The latter wasn’t all completed the day of our visit, but construction workers were adding the finishing touches, and it’s open to the public now. We’re excited to return in September to update images shown here.

Bridgerland Adventure Park, Bear Lake, Utah

The above overview of part of the park shows children’s playground, as well as the start of the tubing run. Two lanes go down, and on the far right you’ll see a “magic carpet” lift that brings you and your tube back up for another go–as many times as you’d like. We were really surprised that unlimited rides were only $5 each. See pricing image below for all prices.

Rock Climbing and Ropes Courses

Rock Climbing at Bridgerland Adventure Park in Bear Lake Utah
Rock climbing and a ropes course are part of the park’s adventure options.

Bridgerland Adventure Park, Bear Lake, Utah


We’re not climbing enthusiasts, but we can appreciate the adventure this would provide for older kids, teens, and adults. Even though this isn’t our thing, we found plenty of stuff at the park that was right for us.

FREE Disk Golf

We enjoyed the free frisbee (disk) golf. The course is a bit challenging for beginners, however. I threw my frisbee in the surrounding wooded area plenty of times and had to push my way in through thick brush to retrieve it. My family thought this was hysterical, and it’s my general MO for anything sports related. Still, I love being outdoors, and this course is a fun way to be together outside. Plus, you can’t beat the price.

Bridgerland Adventure Park, Bear Lake, Utah
There’s no charge for frisbee golf, and all equipment is provided.

Prices at Bridgerland Adventure Park

You can purchase specific things to do or buy a pass. The day we visited, the weather was a bit rainy. The park had to close tubing until the storm passed, but they were great to let us come back later that evening and continue our unlimited tubing.

Prices at Bridgerland Adventure Park, Bear Lake, Utah

Food Menu

Bridgerland Adventure Park offers a variety of food options. We didn’t stay to try any, but the menu looks good, and the prices seem reasonable.

Bridgerland Adventure Park, Bear Lake, Utah.

There are plenty of scenic picnic views at Bridgerland Adventure Park. This area offers plenty of shade and cover. There’s additional seating throughout the park as well to enjoy your food.

Picnic Area at Bridgerland Adventure Park, Bear Lake, Utah


Several things about Bridgerland Adventure Park impressed us during our stay. First, the construction is quality, well built. A lot of expense and effort has gone into building this park. Nothing is cheap or wobbly. It’s solid and built to last. Everything is super clean, organized–a nice overall experience. Second, the staff is very nice. They’re eager to please and want you to have a good time. They work hard and are happy to share what they have.

Because moms always want to know, it’s worth a quick mention that bathrooms and drinking fountains are provided onsite. They’re new and clean, just like the rest of the park.

It will be interesting to see how the park handles crowds. We weren’t there on a crowded day, so there were no problems and no long waits. But we see that a lot of the activities are one-at-a-time things. So it’s going to be very hands-on for the staff on ultra busy days.

Hours of Operation

Tuesday thru Thursday: 11-6 pm

Friday thru Saturday: 11-8 pm


722 First Light Drive

2.2 miles west of Garden City, Utah, on Hwy 89

38 miles from Logan, Utah

Visit Bridgerland Adventure Park online for more information. Click here.

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